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The Forum Inrect sees itself as a forum for software developers and designers. As such, it does not want to compete with other existing forums, but to complement them. The forum with its members is anxious to maintain a friendly contact to these. The purpose of the forum is to exchange ideas with other users, to discuss and to help with problems. So that this runs off peacefully and civilized, the following rules apply to the entire forum.

§ 1 General
1. extremist, racist, obscene, vulgar, offensive and sexual content and links, as well as any content and links that violate any applicable law are strictly prohibited throughout the forum.
2 Further attacks, curses etc. are not permitted.
3. the attempt to circumvent these rules deliberately is forbidden.
4. ignorance does not protect against punishment. Every user has to make sure to abide by the rules.
5. if someone is noticed by repeated disturbance and does not change his behavior even after repeated warnings, sanctions will follow.
6. advertisement for political parties, religious organizations, as well as forums with the same topic is not desired.
7. instructions from team members must be followed.
8. in individual subforums separate rules exist, which must be observed.
§ 2 Users
1. user names, which offend against the general good customs, names of celebrities and user names, which are similar to those of team members to be confused, are not permitted.
2. double accounts are not allowed. If you feel the need to change your username, you can do so under Edit Profile.
§ 3 Language
1 Every user should make a noticeable effort to adhere to the rules of spelling in the best possible way.
2. a sentence is only complete with punctuation. This also includes commas.
3. emoticons and punctuation marks shall be used in moderation.
§ 4 Contributions
Before you create a topic, please check the forum first to see if the question has already been asked and answered.
2. choose a title that is as meaningful as possible. Words like "help" or "urgent" have no place in the title.
3) The actual request should be formulated as precisely as possible. Depending on the question, this also includes the program code and the stack trace.
Program code and stack trace belong in the code tags and not on third pages.
5. do not ask for finished program code.
6. avoid double posts. Please use the edit function of your previous post for additions.
7. push posts are only allowed 48 hours after the last post and should contain information about the current state of knowledge if possible.
8. selling goods and services for money is not allowed in the forum.
9. forum games are not allowed.
10. spam is prohibited in the forum. Spam in the sense of this rule is considered:
* Unserviceable topics and answers,
* Topics with the same content (cross posting),
* Reply again with the same content (post-hunting),
* Notes that do not refer to the topic, but to spelling, for example,
* Discussing closures, warnings or other sanctions
11. contributions should be prepared to the best of our knowledge and belief. The deliberate dissemination of false information is prohibited.
12. The subsequent removal of essential content from postings after they have been answered is prohibited.
§ 5 Signature
1. the signature may be a maximum height of 200px with all closed spoilers.
2. no referral links.
3. a signature should not look unpleasant, i.e. you should not use extremely large fonts or bright colours to an exaggerated extent, just like blinking animated pictures and the like.
§ 6 Violations of these rules:
1. sanctions will be decided at the discretion of the Inrect team.
2) Anyone who violates the rules will be warned or, in special cases, banned without prior warning.
3. who violates despite warning against the rules, can be excluded temporarily or completely from the participation in the forum or get individual functions blocked.
4. in the event that posts contain content that does not conform to the rules, the Inrect team reserves the right to change or delete such content.
1 You can also contact the Inrect team outside of the forum at the e-mail address

It is normal that forum rules can be interpreted differently. In this case, the Inrect team reserves the right to act on your opinion of the forum rules. You can complain to the administration about decisions made by moderators by sending a private message. In all cases the decision of the administration is final.

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